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D-Test's quality policy is the basis of its general strategy of development.

Quality policy meets strategic purposes of the organization, it is constantly controlled and managed and it became an integral part of the organizational policy in the sphere of engineering and project administration, maintenance, materials and equipment procurement and disposition.

D-Test company is willing to gain and hold the position of one of the leading companies on the market of the Russian Federation and CIS in the sphere of bench-test equipment development, non-contact inspection systems and measuring devices.

D-Test company applies the principles of quality management in its work. The include:

The main directions of realization of quality management principles are:

Business unit supervisors are responsible for quality policy. Diesel-test-Komplekt company management is responsible for development, implementation and effective operation of QMS.

For the purpose of quality tasks fulfillment the management of Diesel-test-Komplekt undertakes the following obligations: follow closely quality policy; keep the quality management system working and facilitate its advancement; provide persistent personnel development; call for ongoing personnel development; hold to quality policy of Diesel-test-Komplekt from the side of all sub suppliers and co-contractors.


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