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D-Test is a research and development enterprise that is on the market since 1991. Our goods are applied over the territory of the former USSR from Kaliningrad and Vilnius to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Number of instruments, test benches and units exceeds 300 units. Part of our goods is exported.

We have our own assembly facility and certified metrology laboratory. Our design department ensures development of new items, and our service department located in Yekaterinburg and Saratov (Engels) ensures uninterrupted operation of equipment manufactured by us.

Our engineering design is widely used by the railroad and air transport enterprises as well as peaceful atom facilities.

Gained experience and high qualification of talented designers represents priceless wealth of our enterprise, which allows us to solve problems of any complexity on the level of global standards.

Our strategic partner is Riftek company, Belarus. We export under trademark InOptic™.

Our company is always glad to get an interesting and high tech project, even though it is a single item with doubtful profit. Please, contact us, there is no a single thing we can not do!

Our technologies

Our enterprise renders engineering services involving development, production and implementation of automated optical systems to enterprises to control different geometrical parameters of articles, their shapes and tolerance.

Various smart transmitters, including those of our own production, are the basis of the system that deals with unconventional tasks.

We are experienced in non-contact measuring and positional, dimensional inspection, inspection of the surface profile, deformations, vibrations, sorting out, detecting production facilities; measuring the level of liquids and granular materials.

Our systems solve the problems relater to the rolling band thickness, geometrical parameters (diameter, wall thickness, ovality, thickness differential, etc.) of tubes measurement, technological inspection of spring height and rails straightness in railway engineering, inspection of parameters of inner and outer pipes thread; diameter, aligning ring diameter, chamfer, form and tolerance inspection in machinery production.

Our developments may be presented as:

Our enterprise also develops and manufactures various customized calibers, check and test products that are required for the measuring system to run.

In accordance with the customer's desire our company executes state metrological examinations of the manufactured systems. This system is included in the State Registry and receives a certificate of instrumentation approval.

All equipment is shipped on a turnkey basis and is provided with after-sale-services.

 Metrology laboratory
 Quality policy